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Managed Care Resources has extensive experience with resumes, having been in the business of placing candidates since 1987. We know that the resume may be the most important document in your job search and we give you some pointers below to counter the many myths and mistruths that exist regarding resume preparation. While you can get an interview with a poorly prepared resume, or one that is difficult to read, your opportunities will increase dramatically if you follow our guidelines.

Click on a question and the answer will appear in a pop-up window. If you have other questions, just call 800-350-1471 or email and we'll be happy to give you more personal help with your resume.


Should I use a cover letter with my resume?
What should I include in the heading?
Should I include a summary or objective?
Should I keep my resume to one page in length?
Does it matter how I list previous employments?
Can I list just the years of employment instead of the full dates?
How detailed must I be when I list my experience?
What should I list in the education and licensure sections?
What should I do about "gaps" in my employment record?
Must I give a reason for leaving a job?
Can I use the same resume to apply for any job?

Now check out our SAMPLE RESUME and use it as a guide to preparing your own. When your resume is complete, send it to your Managed Care Resources Advisor for checking. Our Advisors are experts at this task and they know how to make a resume reflect your skills and experience to their best advantage.