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Sharon is the Founder and Owner of  Managed Care Resources. As a Registered Nurse, Sharon knows how best to serve the needs of both client and staff, in order to develop a beneficial relationship for both.



Elaine is MCR's General Manager. She has many years experience in human resources. You will need to speak to Elaine about contract issues and basic company management.



Dave is our IT Manager. He maintains and enhances our computers, databases and internet capabilities, as well as designing our forms and marketing literature.



Michelle is a Senior Recruitment Specialist with established organizational capabilities. An excellent matchmaker, she uses her conscientiousness for the benefit of both clients and staff.



Sandra works as a Staffing Specialist.  You can speak to her about general staffing issues.



Met is our Payroll and Accounts Administrator. Please ask for him if you have questions about pay and billing.



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Call:  310.470.4232 or 800.350.1471
E-Mail:  info@mcr4jobs.com
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