Our experience has taught us that no two clients are alike. We adjust our approach to staffing by assessing your organization and its needs. We build trust relationships with your management teams to ensure a seamless staffing process.

Our objective is to isolate only the top 20% of healthcare industry professionals in Case Management. Our in-depth screening and verification processes are designed to ensure that every candidate we submit to you is properly qualified and experienced for the position in your organization, and is fully briefed in your requirements and procedures.
Temporary Staff

Most Healthcare organizations these days rely on specialists such as Managed Care Resources to fill their temporary staffing needs. They recognize that using agency personnel can create savings in both time and money. In-house per-diem pools are difficult to create and maintain, and usually require a sophisticated human resources and recruiting process within the facility. This is particularly true for temporary staff in specialized positions. In most cases it makes sense for a Healthcare facility to concentrate on what it does best, providing healthcare services, and to rely on a recruitment partner to solve the problem of maintaining staff levels.

Employee Try-outs

An established pool of temps is a great place to find your next permanent employee - for good reason. Not only does using a temp allow your company to "try before you buy," but it also allows candidates to see if they like your environment and their job responsibilities before they sign on full-time.

The combination can be unbeatable. Most candidates will work harder for you if they know their work could lead to a full-time position. Managed Care Resources has very competitive fees for temp to hire. The benefits of this hiring process usually outweigh the cost, however, because you know you're getting an employee you like and who is a good fit for your organization and the position you are filling.
Permanent Recruitment

In today's environment, magnetizing good quality professionals to your organization can be a costly, time consuming and frustrating process. Advertising costs have increased tremendously year after year, and it is known that responders to advertisements are not always the best candidates. By engaging the services of Managed Care Resources, you offset the costs in advertising dollars and time against the recruitment fees, and increase the quality of candidates beyond expectations.

Managed Care Resources is devoted to isolating the top candidates in Case Management and presenting them to you in a totally professional manner. This is how we have become one of the premier healthcare employment agencies in California today.